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We have a team of experienced native-speaking translators and localization experts who will take care of all the details, from translating your text to adapting your user interface for different cultures.

Localization Services

Adapting your app to work well
in different locales

Adjusting your app’s UI and design to account for different languages

Bug & localization testing

Mobile Game
Localization Services

Translating game content
into multiple languages

Bug & localization testing

Creating a unique glossary for your project

Localization Services

Proofreading and fact-checking by native-speaking editors

Website content and marketing texts for localization in 7+ languages

SEO-driven blog localization services

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Working Pipeline

Send us your files and requirements at order.contenteam@gmail.com
A dedicated project manager (chief editor) will handle the glossary, pricing calculations, deadlines, and other tasks to help you complete a project.

An expert content team of language specialists begins working
on your project.

The translation is verified by native-speaking writers from the target country of your project localization and enriched with local idioms and stylistic techniques.
The translation is checked for accuracy by a certified editor, who checks for typos and errors, and guarantees translation fidelity.
Project localization QA ensures that the localized text displays correctly.

You get the final revised version of the localized text in your preferable format.

Formats We Support

Localization Services


Localization Services


Localization Services


Localization Services


Localization Services


Localization Services


We are ready to work with other formats if needed

Localization Services

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