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The crypto industry is becoming more profitable for both investors and companies that develop supporting technologies.

As a result, we have an oversaturated market, and it’s getting more and more difficult for users to navigate it. That is why you need a competent content strategy to grow your crypto project online and useful, accessible content to attract attention and build loyalty. 

What To Include in Crypto Content

Below are general recommendations – they can help your content bring in results and generate high-quality leads. Use these three rules as guidance when creating a strategy.

Offer Value

The cryptocurrency market hasn’t reached its peak yet, but the media space is already full of many similar topics circulating again and again. Every other platform claims that cryptocurrencies are dead or the opposite, promises that the industry has an exceptionally bright future. New projects talk about their products and assure that they can make anyone rich. That said, few people bother explaining what is special about their idea.

Offer your readers a middle ground: content without exaggeration or empty promises that is accessible even for beginners and truly useful.

Try to back up each statement with data or an unbiased comparison.

This approach will help build relationships with potential customers and stand out among similar startups.

Offer educational materials for leads who are not familiar with the market or your product. Explain what crypto is, what crypto to buy, the basics of trading and mining, encryption, and blockchain. This will help you reach a wider audience and help newbies understand the specifics of what you offer.

1. Create Visual Content

Cryptocurrency is not an easy topic. What can help you explain even complex concepts is visual content: infographics, charts, tables, and videos.

As soon as you add a visual element to the text, the content becomes more memorable by 6.5 times. Without it, people tend to forget around 90% of the information.

The best visuals for crypto content are:

  1. Infographics. They get 3x more likes and shares on social media than any other content format.
  2. Excerpts from the article. Have a separate block with interesting facts, statistics, key findings, quotes, even headlines. The format will make it easier to scan the text.
  3. Videos. 59% of executives prefer video over text. The format is effective in generating leads and, in fact, doesn’t require a lot of money to create.

2. Make Content a Part of the Sales Funnel

Quality content is the first step to generating leads. However, it doesn’t end there. Potential clients need to understand what stages will follow next.

Develop a customer journey for all target audience segments. Make sure the transition to each following step is intuitive and organic.

For example, if you are collecting leads for a trading tool, don’t urge readers to buy at the end of the article.

Offer them to learn more and redirect to content that encourages users to make a decision without a rush. Or ask them to leave contact information in exchange for a detailed trading guide.

Set goals for converting leads from one stage to another and track conversions for each piece of content. This way, crypto marketing agencies can optimize the strategy and focus on those content formats that bring paying customers.

Examples of Successful Crypto Content

We have the general guidelines covered – the foundation for a content strategy. Now, let’s take a look at examples of topics, techniques, and formats that help crypto projects draw an audience and generate leads.


Chainalysis builds trust by offering banks, government officials, and other stakeholders the software and data they need to master the technology. Their crypto marketing strategy is based on research and trend monitoring. Their blog posts receive hundreds of inbound links and top 3 organic rankings on a consistent basis.

chainalysis content

What content works well:

  1. Detailed articles with reviews of the cryptocurrency market, news, new solutions. Most of them include infographics.
  2. Reports on industry trends that can be downloaded in exchange for contact details.
  3. Expert on-demand webinars that can be watched for free after filling out the form.
  4. Interactive charts with up-to-date data on the leading crypto coins.


Bitcoin’s official website is the benchmark for cryptocurrency marketing. The project has tons of educational materials in different formats. You’ll have the usual blog, a Wiki library, and even podcasts.

bitcoin content marketing

What content works well:

  1. Bitcoin Wiki with answers about the coin created and maintained by the community.
  2. Free video lessons that explain the basics of the project.
  3. A large platform for user-generated content, where anyone can talk about the coin in a podcast, article, or forum post.
  4. Detailed guides for beginners – full-fledged knowledge hubs.


The platform gives access to the crypto market to everyone. Because of how the company positions itself, it’s implied that they need to create a lot of educational content. The company answers questions in great detail and accumulated almost half a million blog subscribers.

coinbase content

What content works well:

  1. A popular blog on Medium to discuss the latest industry trends and share tricks and company news.
  2. A learning hub for beginners. We see three kinds of formats here: crypto market basics, tips and guides, and industry news. The content is arranged in the Q&A format, which helps with the ranking. Not that there is a lot of infographics.
  3. A small glossary of crypto terms with detailed yet accessible explanations for beginners.


Gemini is a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The company distinguished itself from the competition with Cryptopedia – a free educational platform.

gemini content analytics

What content works well:

Lots of mentions and publications in relevant media. The site has a separate page for links.

Educational videos – webinars.

And, of course, Cryptopedia with in-depth articles about cryptocurrency, online security, investment, and DeFi. The project is still young but very promising.


The company’s mission is to help online businesses send and receive payments using the blockchain. The brand uses content marketing very efficiently, so there is a lot to learn from them.

circle content

What content works well:

  1. blog that is regularly updated with company and industry news.
  2. Section with customer success stories.
  3. Guides with quotes from experts to inject expertise into the content.
  4. podcast about money with thousands of subscribers.


The blockchain payment platform maintains a blog, records podcasts, and shares expert material with peers.

ripple content

What content works:

  1. blog with news, thought leaders, and descriptions of the platform’s capabilities.
  2. press center with official company statements to streamline cooperation with the media.
  3. podcast about prominent figures in the blockchain industry.
  4. Expert materials for developers from the startup team. This is a good tool not only for generating leads but also for recruiting.

In conclusion

Most crypto projects rely on educational content that helps attract beginners. Brands maintain blogs, shoot videos, record podcasts, and build vibrant communities (Reddit crypto communities are particularly active). It’s definitely worth at least testing each of these formats. Then you’ll see what works best for your project.


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